October 14 -  November 23, 2018

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Beer Belly Buster Challenge!
Contest runs from October 14 - November 23, 2018



Registration is October 4th 9am-7pm online @ www.headwatersracquetclub.com



  • 6 week challenge
  • Initial Weigh In, Mid Way Check In & Final Weigh In
  • 4 REV workouts per week
  • Nutritional Guidelines


Prizes Awarded To:
  • Biggest transformation (1st place)
  • 2nd place transformation
  • 3rd place transformation



How You Are Judged:
This is a body transformation challenge, not a weight loss challenge. Each participant will receive a point for every percentage of body fat lost. You will also receive a point for each pound of muscle gained. Example: if your % of body fat loss is 5% and you gained 2 pounds of muscle you will receive 7 points.



Registration Rules:
Registration opens Thursday October 4th at 9am and will close at 7pm. After 7pm on October 4th all registered participants will be put into a draw and will be picked at random. Registration is available online at www.headwatersracquetclub.com. All drawn Participants will be contacted by email at 12pm Friday October 5th to ensure they are aware of being entered into the competition. From the time you receive an email you will have until 12pm, on Monday October 8th to come in and complete registration (paperwork and payment). If you are not fully registered with paperwork and payment by 12pm on October 8th, you will lose your space.



Contest Rules:
  • This contest is a team of 2 contest (Min. 1 non member)
  • All contestants must complete a registration form and sign a waiver.
  • To win, you must complete a minimum of 2 REV classes per week (12 total)
  • Contestants are encourage to particpate in a maximum of 4 REV workouts weekly (24 Rev workouts total) during the contest. A combination of strength and cardiovasculat training which you get from REV are recommended to achieve maximum results.
  • Each Contestant must participate in the mandatory Initial Weigh In, Mid Way Check In and Final Weigh In.
  • Each participant must allow HRC to take a picture at the Initial Weigh In and Final Weigh In.
  • A minimum of 10 partipants must participate in order to run the contest. A full refund will be given to each participant if the minimum requirements are not met.
  • No refunds will be issued after registration fee is paid, with the exception of the minimum requirements not being met.
  • Remember this is only 6 weeks of your life, give it your all and don't let yourself down.

Good Luck!! 




Entry fee /person. + applicable tax

Key Dates

  • Initial Weigh In

    October 11th + October 13th

    (Times to be determined)

  • Contest Info & Nutrition Seminar

    October 9th  7:00-8:00 PM

  • Workouts Commence

    October 14th - November 23rd

  • Mid Way Check In

    November 4th - November 10th

  • Final Weigh In

    November 24th + November 27th

    (Times to be determined)

  • Winners Announced

    December 4th  7PM at The Edge Restaurant