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Personal Trainer
Adam Greenwood

    Adam has been an athlete since birth, playing and watching sports including baseball, hockey, MMA, volleyball, soccer and basketball.  Adam realized at the age of 16 that being a professional athlete was probably not an option for him and decided to focus on learning more about the fitness industry.  He studied Fitness & Health at Georgian College and completed his certification in Personal Training from CSEP.  In addition to the knowledge he gained during his time at Georgian, he continues to further his knowledge by studying topics pertaining to nutrition, recovery, training styles and how they all relate to longevity, performance and quality of life.  Adam is passionate about ensuring his clients make the best and most effective use of their training time.  Prior to joining HRC, Adam was a coach in powerlifting, baseball, boxing and distance running.  He looks forward to helping you create and concur your goals and wants you to remember, Train Smarter, Not Harder.