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Personal Trainer
Nigel Rubio

Nigel is a dedicated and passionate trainer who genuinely enjoys educating new clients and helping them reach their goals. He is a Humber College graduate who first began his fitness journey in 2009 when he started training in Mixed Martial Arts. Since then he has become a boxing coach, and has acquired multiple certifications in different areas of the fitness industry.

Throughout his years of training clients as well as himself, Nigel has developed a deep understanding of the workout plans he prescribes to his clients. This experience not only allows him to better explain movements to clients but to keep things simple and effective.

Nigel’s philosophy on training is “progress, not perfection’; which means that there is always room for improvement and that even if you aren’t where you want to be yet, you should still celebrate any progress made.

Nigel is excited to work with members who are ready to get the results they want, as well as help them create the healthiest & happiest versions of themselves.