September 22 - November 1, 2019

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$1,000 Grand Prize Giveaway!
Fall in love with Tennis Challenge!
  • 6 weeks of HRC's Racquets Membership
  • 12 Hours of Free Tennis Court Time (used for casual play)
  • 1 Hour with the Ball Machine
  •  3 Passes to Tennis Bootcamp or Bootcamp Lite
  • 2 REV Passes
  • Unlimited access to Cardio Tennis and the entire Group Fitness schedule
  • Unlimited access to the main gym, change rooms, steam room, saunas and towel service!

* Other Court fees, programs and services are availabe for additional fees*


Grand Prize:
  • $2,000 to the team with the most points at the end of the challenge


Additional Prizes Awarded:

  • Most visits to HRC
  • Most time on court
  • Most variety in club activities


How You Are Judged:
  • Your team is judged on the amount of points accumulated during the challenge. Each particpant will earn points throughout the 6 weeks. At the end, both team members points will be added together for a final team score.
  • In the event of a tie between two or more teams, the prize money will be split equally.


How You Accumulate Points:
  • 1 Point:
    • For Participation in Cardio Tennis or any other Group Fitness Class. 1 point will be given for each class attended.
    • For each hour spent on the tennis courts in a casual booking (does not include programs or use of the ball machine).
  • 2 Points:
    • For participating in a Tennis Boot Camp/Boot Camp Lite/Stroke of the Week
    • For participation in the following programs: Round Robin, Train & Play, Diamond League, Mixed Doubles, Freedom 55 (One point will be awarded per session attended).
    • For participation in each REV workout
  • 3 Points:
    • For each hour on court using the ball machine
    • For participating in an Adult Tennis Camp
    • For taking a one hour lesson on court (can be private, semi private or small group)
  • 6 Points:
    • For enrolling yourself in a registered program that runs during the dates of the challenge (Learn2Play, Doubles Scramble, Singles Strategy Clinic, Doubles Strategy Clinic).6 points for enrolling plus 1 point for each class attended for a maximum of 12 points.


Registration Rules:
Registration opens Tuesday September 10 at 9am and will close at 7pm. After 7pm on September 10th all registered participants will be put into a draw and will be picked at random. Registration is available online at All drawn Participants will be contacted by email by 12pm Wendesday September 11th to ensure they are aware of being entered into the competition. From the time you receive the email you will have until 12pm, on Friday September 13th to come in and complete registration (Paperwork and payment). If you are not fully registered with paperwork and payment by 12pm on September 13th, you will lose your space.



Contest Rules:
  • Two (2) People per team; must include at least one non-member
  • A team may consist of 2 non- members
  • Participants must be atleast 16 years of age
  • Schedule of Events:
    • Registration Day:                September 10th - 9am-7pm
    • Challenge Commences:    September 22nd 2019
    • Challenge Ends:                  November 1st 2019
    • Awards:                                November 2nd 2019
  • All contestants must complete a registration form, pay the registration fees and sign a waiver.
  • To win the cash prize you must participate in a class, program or casual booking on the tennis courts 2 times per week. A multiple hour booking or participation in a multiple hour program will count as 1 time. (A minimum of 12 times total. The week runs from Sunday - Saturday).
  • A minimum of 15 teams must particpate in order to run the challenge. A full refund will be given to each participant if the minimum requirements are not met.
  • Points will only be awarded to programs and services held at Headwaters Racquet Club.
  • Court Rules
    • Water is not permitted on the playing surface of the tennis court. Do not pour water onto the court surface for any reason.
    • Court divider curtains are for ball stopping purposes only. Do not use these curtains for stopping or during play of the game. Doing this could result in you getting caught, tripping or personal injury.
    • Proper court attire and shoes must be worn at all times.
  • Court Reservations
    • Reservations for court time may be made in person or by calling 519-942-2255 up to seven days in advance. Members may hold a maximum of two bookings at one time over a 7 day period. Two hours of doubles counts as one booking. Lessons and club programming do not count toward your advanced bookings. Members may not book back to back singles courts during prime time. Solo practice courts may not be booked during prime time. When booking, members are required to state their full name and the names of opponents if known. If members bring a guest, they must also provide the name of the guest. Members may only book court reservations for themselves. Booking additional courts for other members and their partner(s) will not be permitted. A 10 minute grace period will be allowed if the court is not booked prior to your reservation or the next time slot following your reservation, after which the full hour court fee will be charged.

Download Complete Contest Rules

Non-Racquet Members: $149.99*

Racquet Members: $99.99*

Unlimited Racquet Member:$49.99* 

Entry fee /person. + applicable tax

Key Dates

  • Registration Day:

    September 10th 2019 @ 9am - 7pm

  • Challenge Commences:

    September 22nd 2019

  • Challenge Ends:

    November 1st 2019

  • Awards:

    November 2nd 2019