Kelly Carter - Certified Nutritionist

Kelly Carter

A Certified Nutritional Practitioner


I’m Kelly Carter, founder and architect of the Fat Loss Food Freedom lifestyle program. When I was in university, I, like many, stumbled upon an episode of the reality TV show The Biggest Loser. As a student of Applied Human Nutrition, I was shocked at how the show portrayed such an unrealistic path to health, fitness and weight loss.

Anyone, regardless of their own personal circumstances, can achieve short term success if they have a chef preparing their meals 24/7, and their own personal trainer working with them 8 hours a day. But what happens when the cameras stop rolling?

The answer to that question has shaped every aspect of my journey as a nutrition coach and lifestyle architect.


Program & Coaching

Learn to Live Healthy Without 
Cancelling Food Enjoyment

    • How to be conscious about what you eat without giving up all of your favourite foods.
    • Simple strategies to melt fat…that you can start TODAY!
    • How to strengthen your body’s natural defences to maintain your energy and vibrancy.
  • Together we will succeed in helping you to lose fat, maintain your weight loss, transform your body, find your fitness sweet spot, and find your ideal, sustainable health and happiness balance.


21 Day Shred Program Includes:

  • Fat loss focused meal planning
  • Increased energy
  • Boosts metabolism & inch loss
  • 4 private nutrition sessions

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Need a Fresh Start?  This Fitness + Nutrition Program is the whole package to getting active and receiving nutrition support all at the same time. 


  • 45 Days of Unlimited Rev Class ( Large Group Training) 
  • 6 Weeks of Nutrition Support 
  • A community that supports gettings results 

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The 1 month, 3 month or 6 month programs will give you the jump start to a new healthy lifestyle!


  • Customized food plan that is changed and modified as much as you need
  • Know simple strategies for sustainable Meal Planning and healthy lifestyle
  • Know how to eat to support your activity
  • 1 - One hour and 15 minutes initial consultation
  • Weekly (20-30 minute) follow up coaching calls
  • Daily email/text access (Use as much as needed)
  • Know how to:
    • Understand food sensitivities
    • Manage emotional eating
    • Alleviate digestive issues (pain and bloating)
    • Further information on: Know how to read labels on processed foods to avoid food sensitivities and know how to order at restaurants. 
    • Receive a breakdown of macronutrients and food categories
    • Access to ALL of my Food Freedom guidelines (10 spice combinations, restaurant guide, stress management, maintenance guide)

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Working with Kelly made all the difference in my fitness journey. Starting off in my early 40’s, the biggest problem I had was ongoing muscle soreness. She helped me to understand how the food I consumed, combined with the exercise, work together to get me the best results. I now have a deeper understanding of what foods I should be eating overall, and how different meals will enhance my performance at the gym.     - Jason Male 51

I met Kelly, we went over the program and I was committed! No gluten, no dairy, no red meat... lots of changes. But I was committed, and as it turned out, I was between work contracts, so I had lots of time to put my culinary skills to the test. So, loaded with umpteen recipes, a plan and a goal, I took it on. I lost 2 lbs the first week, 1.4lbs the second week and 2.1lbs the third week.After being measured, I lost 2 inches on my hips and 2 on my waist. I lost 6lbs of fat, reduced my body fat index by 2%, and I also gained .5lbs of muscle. I did yoga, weight training and a little cardio. But mostly, I paid attention to my diet, cooked my own food and stayed committed. I did attend 4 parties during the 3 weeks because it was of course, December. So, it can be done. I’m thrilled with my newfound knowledge and I’m grateful to Kelly and ” the team helping me kickstart my new bod. And my skin has a new glow. Maybe its the tan?  - Jeanette Female 54
Before I started seeing Kelly, I would make sure I would only consume under 1300 calories a day and would work out 5-6x a week. I was constantly exhausted while seeing no difference in my body. She let me know I was overdoing it and showed me a healthier way to reach my goals.I feel more loved and have lost 6 inches. The best change is that I’m able to eat more (the right foods and bigger portions) and workout 3-4x a week. I have way more energy and that helps my workouts feel that much better. - Aliza Female 32
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