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Elementary School Programs:

HRC has been partnering with schools in Dufferin County for 10 years by helping teachers implement our tennis program into their yearly Phys Ed. plan. Students are introduced to a fun, active sport that is sure to make a great addition to their school day. The best part is that tennis meets and exceeds the Health and Physical Activity Standards set in the strand A and B portion of the Ontario Curriculum.

HRC Will Come to You!

Tennis for a Toonie

Only $2/Student

Looking for ways to engage students in a fun activity to include in your Phys Ed. plan this year in a cost-effective way?

We've got you covered!

A certified Tennis Professional from HRC will come to your school, teach your class a 50- minute tennis lesson in the school gym, and bring all the equipment needed for only $2 per student!

Grade Level: Students in grade one and up would be best suited for this program.

Want to Come to HRC?

Choose an HRC program and get your students active!

Option #1

Tennis & Fitness

Students will get moving with one hour of Zumba and one hour of progressive tennis.

Zumba Kids (Rhythm and pattern in Latin dance)

Zumba Kids is specially designed Zumba class for children at a recommended age group of 4-12. With kid friendly songs, dance and action, it promotes physical activity in a fun active way designed for both boys and girls.


Option #2

Tennis, Squash & Fitness

Students see everything HRC has to offer in this 3- hour program. 55 min each of squash, tennis and fitness

Choose your fitness program:

Zumba (Rhythm and pattern in Latin Dance

Active Kids (Cardio, strength, balance and flexibility)

Benefits of our Programs!

  • Increases fitness
  • Opportunity to try new things
  • Meets curriculum expectations!
  •  Improves balance & agility
  •  Positive atmosphere for play
  • Minimal equipment required!
  • Improves hand-eye coordination

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