5 Tips to Avoid Unwanted Snacking

April 18, 2020

Author: Tallon Martin, Head Trainer, Headwaters Fitness & Racquet Club.

As we find spending more time at home and mostly inside, boredom tends to strike. When this happens over-snacking tends to take place as well. Next thing you know, a few extra pounds are hanging around, and it is no longer as easy to get active as it once was.  

Here are five tips to help avoid unwanted snacking.

  • Crunch Your Thirst – studies show we can mistake thirst for hunger. When a craving hits be sure to go for a glass of water or a cup of herbal tea first before you hit the pantry.
  • Avoid Emotional Eating- Ask yourself, “Am I hungry?” before grabbing that snack from the cupboard.  If you are bored, stressed or emotionally drained plan out activities like going for a walk, reading a book, completing a puzzle or having a warm bath. If you can keep your mind busy, you have a higher chance of managing your emotions and staying healthy.
  • Meal Plan & Create a Grocery List– As our previous blog mentioned, it is vital to plan out your meals and go shopping with a list. Grocery lists will help you stay on budget, avoid buying unhealthy food and avoid food wastage. Make sure to plan for one “cheat meal”, that way when it does happen you won’t feel guilty.
  • Avoid the “Unhealthy Aisle” at the Store– This will help prevent any temptations. Telling a recovering alcoholic to go into the LCBO is just setting them up to fail. Same with heading down that chip or chocolate aisle. You are setting yourself up to fail.
  • Schedule the times you are going to eat– Write it out and post it on the fridge, and once you have made your decision, that is your decision. Scheduling your meals and sticking to it will, over time, create a habit. Your stomach will regulate and release Ghrelin, the hormone that affects hunger.

These five steps can help prevent any unwanted weight gain during this time of social distancing.

Remember any type of change is hard, so if you fall off the wagon that’s ok. Pick yourselves up and get right back at it, and as Elsa says, “Let it Go!