5 Tips to Stay on Track While Social Distancing 

April 7, 2020

Author: Tallon Martin, Head Trainer

Create a Routine– Schedule your day to keep you from getting bored and starting to snack.  Remember to schedule a daily workout.

Meal Plan–  Try to limit your decisions!  The more opportunity we give ourselves to snack the more likely we will.  Create a meal plan for the day and stick to it.

Have a Grocery List – When grocery shopping have a grocery list and do not buy the foods that will tempt you to steer off course.  Avoid the “bad” foods and you will be way less tempted to eat them.

Stay Connected with Friends.  Plan to workout at the same time with FaceTime or Zoom to help you stay motivated during this time of social distancing. Don’t forget to follow our daily home workout plans on HRC’s Facebook and Instagram stories.

Get Outside!  Get outside and go for a walk/run.  A little Vitamin D in your life will do wonders for your mood, plus it has a ton of health benefits.